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This is a node module which is designed to facilitate communication with the Guild Wars 2 API.

The goal is to provide some convenience methods around getting things out of the API. This includes ways to cache API call results in memory, localStorage, or whatever storage system you desire. This is useful for the big aggregate lists (for example /items).


The gw2 package comes with 2 objects exported. gw2 is the actual interface to the API with a default storage mechanism of localStorage. Since this isn't available in all applications, it also provides memStore, which simply caches things in RAM. Storage can also be disabled by calling api.setCache(false).

API Documentation

Static API Documentation Page


var gw2 = require('gw2-api');
var api = new gw2.gw2();

// Set storage system to RAM if no access to localStorage
api.setStorage(new gw2.memStore());

// Get daily pve achievement names:
api.getDailyAchievements().then(function (res) {
  if (!res.pve) {

  var achievementIds = [];

  for (var i = 0, len = res.pve.length; i < len; i++) {

  return api.getAchievements(achievementIds);
}).then(function (res) {
  for (var i = 0, len = res.length; i < len; i++) {

// Get all character names associated with an account.

api.getCharacters().then(function (res) {
  for (var i = 0, len = res.length; i < len; i++) {
    // This API call just returns an array of string character names.

// Get Character Details
api.getCharacters('Zojja').then(function (res) {

Legal stuff

Use of the Guild Wars 2 API constitutes compliance with the Content Terms of Use and the Website Terms of Use.

Full API documentation is found on the Wiki.

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